DDoS Protection

At ServerSpace, we offer a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection plan to provide a safe and clean hosting environment to support your business continuity. A DDoS attack is an attempt by a malicious entity to deny access to your systems or network resources. ServerSpace is familiar with the means, motives and various types of attacks these entities perform, and we place a very high value on protecting your business from such a serious and debilitating event.

DDoS-ProtectionWe provide sophisticated and secure solutions with our DDoS protection service, all designed with your business in mind.


One of our ServerSpace security experts will establish a relationship with you to identify your business needs and then design and implement your DDoS protection plan. Our dedicated account executive will work with you to identify potential weaknesses in your systems and connectivity, and then design a plan that results in a completely secure infrastructure.

Our DDoS protection services use proprietary technology to stop an attack before it reaches your network. We partner with leading-edge third parties to offer the appropriate solutions and techniques needed to protect your network from harmful DDoS attacks. ServerSpace relies on cloud technology to filter traffic and identify potential cyber attacks before they reach your network.


At ServerSpace, our DDoS protection package will give you the confidence you need during this technological period of high Internet traffic. The statistics for DDoS attacks are alarming, but ServerSpace can create a solution that includes ongoing mitigation services, regular DDoS monitoring and 24/7 customer support in the rare case of an event. We offer two protection packages: Guaranteed DDoS Protection and Mitigation DDoS Protection.


Your business is safe with our ServerSpace DDoS protection plan. You are at great risk without such a plan and put your business continuity at risk. Do not delay, call ServerSpace today to speak with one of our expert consultants to establish DDoS protection services for your business.