Data Storage and Online Backup

Our ServerSpace data storage and online backup services provide you with the server space you need along with secure, automated backups. We house your data in our state-of-the-art data centres while you manage it. You eliminate the need to invest in expensive on-premise equipment and ongoing maintenance along with additional staff to support this infrastructure.

Your stored data is accessible, backed up and protected from disasters that could potentially take your business offline. We ensure backup power supplies, fire and flood protection and protect hardware and software at all times along with a reliable data recovery plan.



Our ServerSpace administrators will meet with you to identify your needs in terms of data storage and online backup services. Once we understand your business, we develop a data strategy that will accommodate your business needs, and provide you with the autonomy in managing your data at the level you desire.

At ServerSpace, we work with you throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth data transition with no downtime. We have both your business and your budget in mind as we develop a strategic plan storage and backups. Your business critical data and applications are regularly backed up, accurate and retrievable, anywhere, any time.


We have various geographic options for your secure data. Our ServerSpace online storage service will securely store your company files, information and data at an off-site server location. Our ServerSpace data centres are strategically located to accommodate our customers and ensure data storage and online backups via a secure Internet connection. Our 3-tier data centres provide managed power, climate control and optimum security, ensuring your data is safe with ServerSpace.

With our ServerSpace data storage and online backup services we offer 24/7 customer support, so that your data is always accessible, available and retrievable, in any situation.


Our remote data storage and online backup technology is designed to store large amounts of data on our remote Storage Area Network (SAN). We set up a virtual hard disk device accessible with iSCSI protocol, allowing you to access disk storage from your Operating System as if the hard disk was local. Your business benefit from:

  • Automated, secure and accurate data
  • Reduced costs for expensive equipment and maintenance
  • Automated, flexible storage options
  • Easy storage/access
  • Data storage options for all devices
  • Data replication
  • Shared storage for high availability application clusters.

Call ServerSpace today to start working with our experts to establish optimum data storage and online backup services.