Benefits of our DDoS protection

Threat protection

When potential threats are detected, traffic is redirected through the Arbor solution, stripping out harmful attack traffic and allowing only legitimate traffic through.

Total visibility

The solution includes the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible reporting and management system, providing complete transparency.

Anomaly detection

The system can generate alerts to anomalies on the network which can indicate potential attack. These alerts allow for rapid investigation and correction.

Choose from three levels of DDoS protection


Basic DDoS protection – significant threats matching standard profiles are identified and blocked and summary reports sent to you as required.


Real time reporting and can be configured to deliver alerts directly to you in the event of an attack – you can then configure the response policies to suit. Managed directly and with support through our control panel.


We actively monitor and respond to all alerts raised by the system. Working with you, we’ll design and deliver customised threat mitigation policies. This option keeps your site up and running in the face of the most severe attacks.


  • Arbor Denial of Service protection
  • Anomaly detection and alerts
  • Flexible management and reporting
  • Backed by 24/7/365 Support

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