Full, Half, Quarter Racks

Get colocation services which include space for your servers and other computer hardware and equipment. When you reserve space in our state-of-the-art data centres, we ensure a secure, climate-controlled environment, high-speed Internet access, and protection from power failures. You have 24-hour physical access to your equipment, as you need it.

Our data centre rack space options range from full, half, and quarter racks, with maximum power allocation, based on your business needs. Our professionals provide the level of service and equipment you need, at a cost to fit your budget. We offer service level agreements to cover your equipment, systems, software, network management and support.


Our consultants will meet with your IT team to identify your server and equipment needs. Once we assess your business, we will assemble a packaged plan and strategy that are compatible with your business and suited for your customers. The colocation and rack space services we provide will depend on you and your specific equipment requirements.

With our ServerSpace strategy for colocation solutions, we offer automated backup and recovery, maximum security, redundancy, and high availability for your data, equipment and resources. Choose from our various rack space options along with the level of support you need. We provide bandwidth, buildings, cooling and heating, and security for your servers and related equipment. Our service packages also include leasing equipment for power, monitoring tools, backup systems and more. We create the toolset you need for the IT infrastructure to support your business.


Our 24/7 service options ensure availability of your systems and equipment, site locations to suit your needs, rack options, and the best in power and cooling based on our high-tech power usage model. See Calculating Power Usage or Colocation Packages links for more information.

The data centre provides 24/7 physical and network based surveillance, fire detection monitoring, and protection from power failures. Your equipment is always accessible and includes a cutting-edge Internet network structure for your bandwidth needs.

Our Rack Space Standard Packages

  • IP Addresses – As many as you need, subject to RIPE approval
  • APC Remote Reboot Port – 24 per rack
  • Internet Connection – 100 Mbps uncontended symmetrical connection to the Internet backbone, upgradeable to 1 Gbps
  • Internet Usage – 1 Mbps CDR per month (95th percentile)
  • Remote Hands – 15 minutes per month
  • Access to your equipment – 24/7/365 with access cards for all your authorised staff
  • Support – 24/7/365 email, phone, and web.


Our ServerSpace colocation rack space options offer a number of supported and proven business results. You save on the costs to build and maintain an expensive data centre, experience improved service levels and focus on your business at hand. Select from a combination of colocation connectivity options to suit your needs and your customers’ needs.

Do not delay, call ServerSpace today to start working with our trained professionals on a colocation rack space package to maximize your business.