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We're dedicated to helping software companies grow by creating bespoke, full stack, infrastructure solutions that support your software business day and night.

Coping with growth

When you're growing fast, you need a provider who can grow with you. One that is committed to making sure your infrastructure provides a world class experience to your users.

Grow at any speed backed up by the unmatched performance and availability of our
application hosting solutions.

Hosting for growth
Global hosting reach

Going global

A global user base needs a global, always on infrastructure. You need to be able to manage and scale that infrastructure with ease. That calls for a partner, not a provider.

Let our global reach, high availability solutions and personal support help you on your way.

Moving off premises

Making the move off premises presents opportunities and challenges. We work to ensure that your transition to off premises is a smooth as your growth once you're there.

Our support team will provide you with personalised architecture, migration, security, monitoring, dev ops and cost management assistance.

Moving off premise
AWS and Azure management

Making sense of AWS and Azure

Understanding the most effective ways to utilise ground breaking public cloud services like those of AWS and Azure is a complex task. Our experts are here to help.

Integrate managed AWS and Azure solutions with your bespoke, hybrid cloud in the perfect platform for your application.

Problem. Solved.

From databases to web servers and everything in between. Whatever your application hosting challenge, we are ready to help you.

Explore our application hosting and high availability solutions, or get in touch.

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“ServerSpace has really helped our audit, risk & compliance software business expand. It's so easy to implement and carry on our business using ServerSpace's expertise, software and knowledge”

Chris Budden, Infrastructure & Security Manager, CMO Global