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New Download: Introduction to SNMP

Mar 16

Posted March 7, 2016 by  Jason Showell

Introduction to SNMP

It’s the most widely accepted communications protocol for network management, but what exactly is SNMP, and how can it be used to safeguard your network? We’ve decided to follow up our most popular blog post on using SNMP to control remote APC switched rack PDUs with a complete introduction to SNMP.

Download our introduction to SNMP here for practical examples of the protocol  in action and to see how it can help your business

 The Simple Network Monitoring Protocol Made Simple

SNMP stands for Simple Network Monitoring Protocol. It allows you to communicate with supported devices over a network, so you can manage and monitor all network devices, such as dedicated servers, routers, switches, workstations, or something else, like remote APC switched rack PDUs. This is particularly valuable for large, complex networks.

Many of the tools used to collect information about servers and network infrastructures are built upon this technology. There are a number of SNMP monitoring systems, which run on the machine of a network administrator and provide a user-friendly means of controlling a network via SNMP.

In its simplest form, SNMP can alert a monitoring system of an issue on a network device. This could be, for example, an alert that a switch port has gone down. You can then evaluate the alert and monitoring information, and take steps to rectify the issue.

In our introduction to SNMP whitepaper, we build several scenarios to demonstrate the practical use of SNMP and how the information it yields enables effective network management. Specifically we describe how it can be used to:

  • Locate a fault in a network
  • Diagnose a network fault
  • Identify the cause of a network issue with historical data

The whitepaper also delves into SNMP management solutions – what they offer and the features of two notable solutions that are widely used.

Download the introduction to SNMP whitepaper for free to gain an understanding of its practical application to network management.

 Download your Introduction to SNMP

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