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New Download: How to Survive Crunch Time

Oct 16

Posted October 17, 2016 by  Clive Larkin

How to survive crunch time in development teams

The dangers and stresses of “the crunch”, particularly within the games industry, have been highlighted in recent years, but for many businesses, particularly those in the software development and SaaS sector, project delivery is often simply impossible without undergoing any periods of extra effort and increased man-hours. So, we’ve put together a practical guide to help you and your team get through crunch time unscathed.

Crunches, periods in which the team is asked to increase effort (and usually working hours) in order to deliver a functional period in time to meet a deadline, are most common in the software development industry, but can occur in almost any business.

Download our guide to keeping your team motivated and happy during crunch-time

It can be hard to keep crunch time under control and structured, and many crunches become a desperate hustle as the team tries to get the product finished and perfected whilst also dealing with bug finding and fixing, changes, and requests.

This sort of pressure and intense working can take a heavy toll on workers, affecting both physical and mental health, and so it’s important to ensure that when crunch time is necessary efforts are made to end it as soon as possible and to do what you can to promote healthy working practices and keep everyone’s spirits up.  

Everyone has their own way of coping when pressure mounts, but there are a number of universal tactics that will help just about anyone dealing with staggering workloads and long hours in the office.

Our guide offers practical tips for those having to navigate a team through the choppy waters of crunch, with suggestions that will help you keep your employees healthy, happy and engaged (and should work well for you too!) Download the crunch survival guide here.  

Download the ServerSpace Crunch Survival Guide

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