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Introduction to containerisation – the new virtualisation

Nov 15

Posted November 19, 2015 by  Jason Showell

introduction to containerisation - the new virtualisation

There’s a new method of virtualisation that is taking the SaaS industry by storm at the moment: containerisation.

Download our introduction to containerisation here for a comprehensive look at  this approach to virtualisation

I say new, but the methods of containerisation have been around for years.

It’s only now though, that the benefits of using containers to deploy applications is being realised. This is partly thanks to Docker, the open source project, launched in 2013, that uses the Linux kernel to enable independent containers to run within a single Linux instance. Also, its use by notable companies, such as Google and Netflix, has put containerisation at the forefront of the industry.

More and more businesses are turning to containerisation as an efficient, flexible means of virtualisation. But there remains confusion about what containerisation actually is, how it differs from server virtualisation, and whether it’s a viable option for different application deployments.

That’s why we’ve created the Introduction to Containerisation eBook.

In this eBook, we cover the ins and outs of containerisation in plain English, with the aim to help you gain a clear understanding of containerisation, so you can make a strategic decision for or against investigating it further for your business.

Download the introduction to containerisation eBook here.

Introduction to containerisation