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Trends Forecast: The Future of Cloud Hosting in 2017

Jan 17

Posted January 5, 2017 by Clive Larkin

Against the backdrop of political commotion, Brexit and cyber-attacks, the wheels of the cloud hosting market continue to turn, and the consequences of a customer-led, digital-centric market are becoming clearer

The future of cloud hosting is well and truly upon us, and 2017 is set to take the industry through some significant, and perhaps memorable, changes. But what can you can expect from the year ahead?

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How to Know When Your SaaS Company Needs Accreditation

Nov 16

Posted November 28, 2016 by Clive Larkin

SaaS accreditations can be valuable markers for measuring the availability and security of a service, but they are also useful to help reassure customers that they can use an application with complete confidence, without fear of information theft or downtime. 

Accreditations are invaluable for SaaS companies because they demonstrate to users that they can trust in your application, infrastructure and procedures. In the past, we have written about secure cloud hosting and which certifications matter, but how do you know when your company needs to attain accreditation? 

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How to Ensure High Application Uptime Around Black Friday

Nov 16

Posted November 24, 2016 by Clive Larkin

In 2015, Black Friday generated £1.1billion sales in the UK, and the following three days, the "Black Weekend" and Cyber Monday, doubled that figure. With a predicted £16,087 to be spent every second this Black Friday, maintaining high application uptime is vital

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New Download: How to Survive Crunch Time

Oct 16

Posted October 17, 2016 by Clive Larkin

The dangers and stresses of “the crunch”, particularly within the games industry, have been highlighted in recent years, but for many businesses, particularly those in the software development and SaaS sector, project delivery is often simply impossible without undergoing any periods of extra effort and increased man-hours. So, we’ve put together a practical guide to help you and your team get through crunch time unscathed

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Containerisation: What are the Benefits of Kubernetes?

Oct 16

Posted October 3, 2016 by Clive Larkin

Thanks to adoption by high-profile business, such as Google and Netflix, containerisation has become increasingly popular amongst developers. There are many ways to manage containers but Google's system, Kubernetes, is beginning to pull ahead from the rest for a number of reasons

Now two months after the release of Kubernetes 1.3, we look at the features and benefits of Google’s container orchestration engine and why it is fast becoming the default for SaaS and application hosting

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